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Thursday, September 21, 2023


Film Noir Cinema, 122 Meserole Avenue
New York 11222, United States

This screening session features 11 films (see below). All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

Tickets are $5, order them here.


Archeìo (Switzerland) by Jonathan Moratal

It is very complicated to get rid of your guilt. Stay calm, Archeìo will take care of it.

Running time: 00:02:20


Moonlight (United States) by Zichen Chang

Music Video with Vessels to Motherland.    

Running time: 00:06:54


Limbo (United States) by Alex Ramsey

Edward, now 28, hasn't seen his family since he crossed the US-Mexico border on foot 10 years ago. Trapped in the US by a maddening waiting game for citizenship, he grapples with the idea of leaving the life he built in New York behind forever in exchange for a long overdue homecoming. Will Edward reunite with his family or continue on in his self-imposed purgatory?

Running time: 00:07:16

Bailey's Beads.jpeg

Bailey's Beads (United States) by Johnny Clyde

A TV magician opens a viewers third eye, giving him a chance to confront his own consciousness.

Running time: 00:04:38

Florence in Customer Care.jpeg

Florence in Customer Care (United States) by Jordan Sommerlad, Cory Stonebrook

A customer care representative at a furniture website begins to unravel as a mysterious rash appears on her body. 

Running time: 00:13:57

No Leaders Please .jpeg

No Leaders Please (United States) by Joan C. Gratz

No Leaders Please is an animated film based on a poem by Charles Bukowski. Works inspired by artists Basquiat, Banksy, Haring and A Weiwei represent the poem's theme of self-invention.

Running time: 00:02:18


Swap (United States) by Cory Cavin

A man comes home to an unwanted visitor who wants to trade places.

Running time: 00:02:13

The Wait .jpeg

The Wait (United States) by Sim Belin Tumay, Henry Leonidas Zeris

After her chemotherapy, Sarrah and James Bentley want to start a family but they only have one healthy embryo. Now the couple must rely on surrogate Whitney to have a successful transfer on their first and only try. As Whitney arrives in New York, Sarrah and James prepare for a result that could be one of the best of their life or most crushing.

Running time:  00:14:11

Un Espectador .jpeg

Un Espectador (United States) by Juan Pablo Palacios

A plumber is called to fix a leak in a woman's apartment, but unbeknownst to him, he ends up walking into a scenario in which a man has forced himself into her home, pretending to be her husband.

Running time: 00:17:17


Bodylands (United States) by Sarah McColgan

The human body becomes a living sculpture in this film that aims to reimagine toxic societal beauty norms.

Running time: 00:01:00

Sad LARP .jpeg

Sad LARP (United States) by Marissa Goldman

In a hybrid documentary, a comedian's break-up leads her to a surprising journey with a community of LARPers.

Running time: 00:17:33

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