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The 2018 edition received more than 1,500 entries from all over the world. 48 films were selected and screened during the weekend of December 1-2 at Whirled Cinema and The Exhibit. True to its history both very intimate and underground set screening venues. Both the local and international jury selected the following films as the best of the festival.

One of the shortest films was selected as the Best Super Short Film 2018: 'Live' (Greece) by Vasilis Stavropoulos.

The award for the Best Narrative Film went to 'Vektløs' (Norway) by Marius Myrmel. Mads and Camilla's lives get turned upside down by an unforeseen event. We follow them as they struggle to take back their lives.

The prize for the Best Documentary Film is for 'Jab Jab' (United Kingdom) by Thomas Harrad, Reuben Millns. Every year, thousands of Grenadians congregate in the middle of the night to ‘play Jab,’ covered head-to-toe in motor oil as a powerful symbol of remembrance, celebration and defiance.

'The Fool You Need' (United States) by Jean-Paul Frenay was awarded as Best Music Video.

The Best Animated Film award went to 'Strange Beasts' (United Kingdom) by Magali Barbe. 'Strange Beasts' is an augmented reality game. It allows you to create and grow your own 'pet'.

'Rear Window' (Switzerland) by Florian Luthi won Best Experimental Film. A short love story between a car, a horse and some fragments of cinema.

Best Underground Film Award went to 'Up and Arise' (Israel) by Raanan Berger. Likey is a man who was raised by his Master as a dog. When he succeeds to escape from his Master's home, he discovers that the outside world conducts itself differently than we would aspect.

Last but not least, the Best UK Film Award went to 'Missed Call' (United Kingdom) by Victoria Mapplebeck. Shot on an iPhone X, MISSED CALL explores a mother’s relationship with her teenage son, as they discuss how they’ll reconnect with a father who’s been absent for a decade.

Talent Circle in London founded the Super Shorts London Film Festival in 2003, to focus explicitly on short films in all its forms and shapes. During its original eleven year run, the festival shown over 2,000 incredible short films, from slick 35mm shorts to weird and wonderful experimental films.

Unfortunately, in its original incarnation, the festival came to an end in 2014. Inspired by that original movement, the revived Super Shorts Film Festival London continued in 2018 to emphasize lesser known, vanguard cinematic works and further its tradition of galvanizing budding talent. As in its earlier years, the 2018 festival created an intimate atmosphere and space for unique visionaries and voices.

See you all next year



Up And Arise (Israel) by Raanan Berger

Alex (U.S.) by Brian Inocencio, Nottapon Boonprakob

Girl A (U.K.) by Jess O'Brien

Mum, I'm back (Greece) by Dimitris Katsimiris

Elegy (U.S.) by CJ Gardella

Tricks (Australia) by Melina Maraki

Soulfinger Vs Goldfinger (U.S.) by Crazy Legs Conti

Asylum Park (India) by Shanu Sharma

New Neighbors (U.S.) by E.G. Bailey

Two (Finland) by Carlos Marroquin

Gorilla (France) by Tibo Pinsard

Embrace (Poland) by Elzbieta Piekacz

Bad Words (U.K.) by Mark Jackson

Beastly Places (U.K.) by Kate Balchin

Piotr (U.K.) by Zuzanna Kopacka

1st June (U.K.) by Gabriel Calderwood

Behind Time (U.K.) by David McShane

Breakfast (U.K.) by Peter Pahor

Jab Jab (U.K.) by Thomas Harrad, Reuben Millns

Live (Greece) by Vasilis Stavropoulos

Vektløs (Norway) by Marius Myrmel

Vacuum (Malaysia) by Gabriel Gabriel Garble

Mr. Death (Norway) by Andreas J. Riiser

Jeffrey (U.K.) by Josh Alward, Jesse Velik

Strange Beasts (U.K.) by Magali Barbe

Local Dealer (Iceland) by Smari Gunn

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (Brazil) by Frederico Evaristo

The mind of an artist (U.K.) by Xinning Liu

The Need to be Alone (U.K.) by Tom Fisher, Catherine Prowse

Missed Call (U.K.) by Victoria Mapplebeck

Looking For Your Uber (U.K.) by Mark Whelan

How can I tell you (France) by barbara Creutz

The Kingdom of Men (Hong Kong) by Sham Kwan Yin

... (Iran) by Ali kazempour

The Velvet Underground Played at My High School (U.S.) by Robert Pietri, Tony Jannelli

Son Lux // The Fool You Need (U.S.) by Jean-Paul Frenay

A Dog Leashed (U.S.) by Dane Cree

sleep on the tracks (Canada) by Jasmin Mozaffari

Nicabob (U.S.) by Daneeta Loretta Jackson, Patrick Jackson

Body Echo (U.K.) by Ali Aschman

The Man Who Could Fly (U.K.) by Ben Cohen

Lost For Words (U.K.) by Sanjana Chandrasekhar

Rear Window (Switzerland) by Florian Luthi

Deserto (Italy) by Jacopo Miliani

Elisa (Germany) by Kristina Kean Shtubert

abstract concrete (U.K.) by Stephan Dilley

Dispersion (Switzerland) by Basile Vuillemin

strangers (U.K.) by James Pike-Watson

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